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Yearly membership of $ 1,000 or 12 times $ 100 - ( PayPal automatic monthly payment ). It can be interrupted at any time.
For the membership, you will receive monthly a selection of at least 20 artworks, with values from $ 5,000 up to $ 100,000.

Each artwork will have 
1/ a complete description of the item, detailing the description of the auctioneer
2/analysis of the painting itself - an evaluation of the authenticity - results of the research we made on the painting
3/ the potential of the resale of the painting - it is easy to buy in an auction, it is much more difficult to sell. 
4/ the maximum bid you should make + the ideal price you should pay for the item. 


With the membership, you obtain also the possibility to discuss one on one an artwork we suggested or any other artwork you saw in an auction with our expert Gerard Van Weyenbergh at a discounted price for members @ $ 250/per item. 

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